Summer Tutoring Programs

Summer Tutoring Programs


The same words you use to describe your student are the same ones that we use to describe our summer programs.

At McCullough Learning,  we listen to the summer learning needs and goals that you have for your students and create a plan specifically tailored to them. From there, we go a step further by helping students build confidence and other skills that they can carry over into the next school year and beyond. Most importantly, we try to make it flexible and fun because, after all, it is summertime.

Why Tutor Over the Summer?

Without the pressures of a full-time class schedule, summer is the perfect time to focus on one or more of the following:

  • Remediation: Did your student struggle in a particular class or subject area this year? Now is the time to reinforce those fundamental concepts and build a strong foundation for the upcoming year.
  • Skill Building: Having a firm grasp of basic skills can really make the difference in your student’s success in the classroom. Examples are test- taking, note-taking, time-management, organization, and study skills.
  • Enrichment: Was your student bored in the classroom environment this year? Challenge them so they can get excited about learning again and get a head start for the upcoming year.
  • SAT/ACT Prep: Preparing for the SAT requires a significant time commitment. This makes summer a great time for rising juniors and seniors to dedicate to mastering the test! We have small group and one-on-one study options available.

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