SAT Prep Course


The SAT is a measure of the critical thinking skills that are needed for academic success in college. As a single standardized test, the SAT helps college admissions representatives make acceptance decisions. The SAT has ten sections - three Math sections, three Critical Reading sections, three Writing sections, and one variable section in math, critical reading, or writing multiple-choice. The variable section is used to help make sure that the student scores are comparable to scores on other editions of the SAT. This section does not count toward the final score. The total test time (not including breaks) is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

McCullough Learning has added staff and we are excited to offer year-round SAT prep classes.

We have teamed up with Summit Education Group, one of the leading test prep companies in the country, to offer our students a truly outstanding and proven test prep program. The SAT prep classes will consist of twelve 2.5 hour sessions and include preparation for the math, critical reading, and writing components of the SAT. The class size will be 6 -12 students and be held at Grey Nun Academy, Yardley, PA. The fee of $645.00 includes all course books, practice tests, and Summit's scored reports (detailing student’s strengths and areas needing improvement) that will allow us to grade, track, and manage our students' test results