"Fran McCullough is reliable, enthusiastic and positive in his approach. He really is a cheerleader for his students and reinforces positive feedback to make his students feel good about themselves. My daughter had no trouble relating to him and she found that he was able to change the way he presented material when she was having difficulty understanding it until she got it. You can't lose when working with Fran McCullough."

Coleeen G, Fairless Hills, PA

"Math had always been easy for my sophmore but somehow he was falling apart in Algebra II. My son was extremely resistant to a tutor. He was worried about embarrassment and the negitivity he had experienced with some teachers. We had two sessions with McCullough Learning and the rapport was excellent. His tutor made him feel good about what he did know and got him back on track. The relationship was almost like collegues or equals. It was a positive experience for the whole family. I won't hesitate to call them again the next time we hit a rough patch."  

C. J. Jamison, PA

"McCullough Learning has helped my child gain the confidence needed to achieve success in both his math and science classes. The tutors not only have a lot of knowledge in their area of expertise, but cater to the individual needs and learning style of the student. I would highly recommend this service to any student who wants to improve or enhance their skills."

Maureen C, Washinton Crossing, PA

"I have used the services of McCullough Learning for over 3 years for both of my sons. Both experienced a minimum of a grade higher with the specialized tutoring (despite some learning issues). The interest and concern Fran and his employees have for the student is outstanding. They keep me in touch with progress, actively will connect with teachers when necessary, and provide postive reinforcement and encouragement for the students. I have recommended McCullough Learning to a number of friends--all who have the same recognition and success rate."

Barb S, Newtown, PA

"McCullough Learning is a smart, personal and professional tutoring service. From the owner, Fran McCullough, to each of his hand-picked tutors, your child will suceed with the help of these wonderful tutors. Our daughter was resistant to the entire tutoring process, but after working with Fran and seeing almost immediate results, she was sold, as were we. This is an effective and efficient service that will benefit your child.

Tracy I, Wrightstown, PA

 "McCullough Learning is smart, personal and professional. From the owner, Fran, to each of his tutors, we have found them to be readily able to identify the issues and then work to solve the issues in a way that is efficient and effective. Our daughter was resistant at first to the whole tutoring concept, but once she saw results in her school work and tests, she was sold, as were we. Highly recommended!"

Erica C , Doylestown, PA

" McCullough Learning was tremendous benefit for our daughter and her challenging Math curriculum. She gained much needed confidence and unique, specific study skills for whatever unit she was covering in class. Mr. McCullough broke down the material in a way that she could approach more difficult problems that were likely to be presented in tests and exams, as well as learn to identify her own mistakes and weaknesses in order to correct them. We would highly recommend McCullough Learning for any student that was experiencing difficulty in a specific area or for the student that wishes to be challenged with more complex material to really master the information covered in class."

Frank, Bensalem, PA

"Competent, friendly, reliable tutoring. On-time service and flexible scheduling.

Jack L, Doylestown, PA

"McCullough Learning was a excellent addition to our young adults academic studies. Mr. McCullough provided flexible study time to meet our busy schedules. The tutoring sessions were very professional and relevant to their current topics. We observed a immediate and significant increase in their GPA. The experience has been above our expectations and his commitment to excellence is transparent in their grades and confidence level. Hats off to McCullough Learning!"

Cara, New Hope, PA

"We have had such a wonderful experience with McCullough Learning.The tutors have been excellent and have helped my daughter increase her grades. I have recommended them to everyone."

Carol E. , Langhorne, PA

"After a summmer enrichment program with Fran McCullough, Director, my 5th grade son was scored high enough to be promoted to the advanced math group. Thanks, Fran. See you next summer!"

Mary Jane, Yardley, PA